Changing Location from Osaka to Tokyo ~High demand for film restoration and archive services

As the name implies, this workshop serves the purpose for film restoration and archive. The workshop has been held every summer for curators from museums and galleries, librarians, archivists, researchers, companies and organizations handling old and new media, students and press interested in restoration and archiving film, and all those who not only love film but moving images altogether, as a place for discussing the purpose and latest trends in restoration and archive for moving images, clarifying future tasks, and creating a stronger network among those who joined the workshop.
The very first workshop was held at IMAGICA West, located in Osaka, back in 2006 with lectures from guests in the archiving field and included actual practices as an activity. For the 11th workshop, this year, we moved the workshop to Tokyo due to rising interest in archiving and hoping more people will join to share their knowledge; where in the past, we’ve held the event mainly in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe of the Kansai region. We were honored to host this event along with the committee who has been involved for a long time in this first workshop in Tokyo.
The curriculum for the workshop was similar to the past where students observed and took part in the practical lessons along with lectures on past experiences and new methods. August 26th, Day 1, consisted of observing the facilities and participated in the restoration at Sagamihara branch of National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, along with TOKYO KO-ON, Inc., Tokyo Laboratory Ltd., Kyoshin Warehouse Co., Ltd., Takatsu Eigasousyoku Co., Ltd., KADOKAWA DAIEI STUDIO CO., LTD. and IMAGICA Corp.; the following days consisted of lectures and talk sessions at Screening room #1 at IMAGICA’s Tokyo Imaging Center.